Friday, June 13, 2014

Pretty Things

Life is full of little bits of inspiration. In fact, the internet is full to bursting with cool and inspiring things and lately I've started to pay more attention to them.
I think collecting visual inspiration will be a good way to keep my creativity flowing, even though I'm not currently creating a whole lot. I'm exploring a whole new side of the internet where bloggers, artists, designers, and tastemakers collaborate. 

Top: "Mexi-cans," by Alejandro Diaz is part of a really fresh, cool, and challenging collection of works dealing with Mexican cultural identity and politics. Really interesting, but also just really pretty. 

Bottom Left: This is a dreamy photo of the San Fran bridge that I stubbled across on Tumblr. There is something so relaxing and warm about this image and it makes me feel like summer. 

Bottom Right: This Sophie Tajan still life is so happy while still being a little bit eerie. It's a really innovative way to photograph flowers and I'm kind of a little bit obsessed with her portfolio right now.