Tuesday, June 17, 2014

By The Glass

I am all about limes. Whether they’re in gin and tonics, margaritas, mojitos, or just squeezed into my ice water at restaurants, I love that sharp citrus flavor. It just tastes like summer to me. And who doesn’t love summer?!
This year the West Coast had a little bit of a lime shortage and it was absolutely devastating to my cocktail plans. I was thrilled to see them reappearing on grocery store selves and have definitely been making up for lost time. In addition to all of the G&Ts and blended margs I’ve been mixing up this summer, I’ve been mixing up a lot of regular old Limeade as well. It’s a throwback childhood classic and gets me cooled off without getting me tipsy. I make mine one glass at a time because it’s usually just me drinking it. Plus, making a whole pitcher at a time feels a little daunting (and a little messy.) I much prefer my super simple combo. One glass. One lime. And a whole lot of zesty citrus freshness.

First, fill up a short glass with crushed ice and filtered water. You don’t want to fill the glass too full, or else it will be hard to stir once you add the lime and sugar.

Cut a large lime in half and then squeeze each half into the glass. You’ll want to really press hard on those suckers so you get as much juice as possible and get the best lime/sugar/water ratio possible. Also, if you want to garnish the drink with a lime circle like I did then make sure to cut it and set it aside before any squeezing happens. (duh.)

Empty in one packet of Stevia or any other artificial sweetener you like. You can use real sugar too! This is just what we happened to have in our kitchen this week.

Stir it all together, add a little more ice to the top if some of yours has melted, attach the lime to the rim, and then take that baby outside for a quick summertime study break!