Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pretty Things

I WANT IT ALL! Well, not really. But I want a lot of things. I am an ambitious girl and I definitely like keeping busy. This laid back summer schedule is starting to really mess with my need for routine. It's been a fun change but I'm getting pumped for school to start back up later this month.

Top Left: It's so important to recognize what you want in life and go after it aggressively and confidently. There is no shame in wanting the best for yourself.  This is great inspiration for going out and attacking your goals. Plus, it's pink! 

Top Right: Only the talented ladies from the DesignLoveFest blog can make strips of chewing gum look chic and beautiful. Such awesome styling on this entire site. 

Middle: A screen shot from Vera Chytilova's film "Sedmikrasky" which I am absolutely obsessed with. The Marias know how to party in Praha. It's one of my absolutely favorite films aesthetically. Seriously, I even used it to inspire a bunch of the art in my portfolio

Bottom Left: This is an art print from Society6 by Jenny Liz Rome that really caught my attention. It's a little bizarre and yet so freaking cool. It reminds me of some of Dali's Surrealist photography, (particularly that one with the lobster vagina) No? Just me? Whatever. 

Bottom Right: This technicolor acid wash is super funky and fun. I want to get it made into a cocktail dress or a purse or something.