Thursday, May 22, 2014


There’s nothing quite like speeding down miles of open highway to make you feel like progress is being made. A couple days ago, as I drove away from campus with the contents my entire life stuffed in the backseat, my freedom was palpable. Tangible. Physical. I was leaving this past semester in my rearview mirror and zooming towards something safe. I couldn’t help but feel weightless and a little bit invincible. The more miles I put between Claremont and myself, the more I could breathe easy and finally relax. It has been a trying semester to say the least. Classes got harder, professors had higher expectations, and possibilities of my post-grad future were looming constantly over my head. I like to think that I rose to the occasion, however, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t relieved to have this semester behind me. A couple thousand miles behind me, to be exact.

Those three days of traveling up the coast were extremely satisfying because my progress was so easily quantifiable. Why can’t life be more like that? I want someone to come gamify my life; to follow me around and grant me points for things I’m doing right. Maybe, then I would be better at getting my shit together.

 As of right now, I have been home for just under a week and am struggling to maintain my momentum. When you are remaining geographically stationary, progress is harder to gage. Especially so when you don’t have any sort of day-to-day schedule to stick to. I’m going to need to find something to structure my days around and fast. I can only bake cookies and rearrange my furniture so many times before I go stir crazy. I have been trying to get out of the house as much as possible so I don’t get sucked down a rabbit hole of reality television and Pinterest weddings. So far that is proving to be a pretty solid strategy. I refuse to let this summer pass me by. Let the plan making begin!